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At Mr. Showers Frameless Showers, we try to use a little shower hardware as possible to give your shower an all-glass look and feel. Frameless shower enclosures are built with 3/8” or ½” tempered glass. Although clear glass is the standard, there are several glass options available to personalize the glass in your frameless shower glass /enclosure including patterned glass-like Rain, Satin, Obscure, and Ultra-Clear or low-iron glass. The Ultra-clear glass option is a beautiful option for light-colored or white tiled bathrooms. Normal glass has a slight green tint to it, but Ultra-Clear glass has a lower iron content which makes the glass appear optically clear making white tile still looks white. The availability of pattern glass options varies, so please check with your sales representative if you are interested in a pattern or obscure glass to see what is currently available for your beautiful glass shower wall.

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We also can help you get rid of the shower curtain on your guest baths and children's bathrooms.  Shower curtains never look great, adding glass shower doors on the guest bath will make that tub look spectacular.


What Are My Options

When you are making a decision about your new frameless shower doors you will be presented with few options regarding height, door width, shower glass protectants, and type of glass. Here is a quick summary of those shower options to help you decide.

Shower Glass Door Protection Options

Glass by its nature is a porous material. It looks smooth to the naked eye but it is not. Soap scum and hard water deposits can work their way into glass and make it difficult to clean. After time you will get a build up in the glass that won't come clean.

Protectants that are applied after the glass is tempered include brands like EnduroShield & DimonFusion. The protectants, in layman's terms, close the pores on the glass to create a flat surface that keeps hard water and soap scum from building on in the glass. Warranties vary from 3-10 years depending on how and when the protectant is applied.

ShowerGuard® is a specially made shower glass that has an advanced coating fused to the surface of the glass when it's made. This coating permanently protects the glass from the damaging effects of hard water, heat, humidity, soap residue, and cleaning agents.

Low Iron Starfire Glass vs. Stanard Clear Glass

Standard clear glass is the option in 90% of the frameless showers we install. Glass is made with sand that has the natural presence of iron oxide. The iron in the glass gives a green tint as the thickness of the glass increases. For most showers, this will be un-noticeable. If your shower has a lot of natural light and light color tiles then you will be more likely to notice the greenish hue of the glass.

Starfire Low Iron Glass is ultra-clear and uses materials that are significantly lower in iron. Iron in regular clear glass is what give thick glass the green tint. This low iron glass makes the tile work in your shower the centerpiece of the bathroom. Low Iron glass is more expensive and will add significant cost to your shower remodel, but it is worth it in the right setting.

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Blue tape on shower photos is part of the curing process and is removed when the silicone dries.

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